Meet our high school interns!

This summer, it seems like the Urban Initiative team just keeps growing! We consider ourselves lucky to have two fantastic high school interns working with us, not only because of our hefty workload this summer, but also because Emma York and Adam Vieira come to us with some impressive experience doing policy research and analysis. These New Bedford High School students are part of the school’s Student Committee for Educational Progress, a group that just released an impressive report that assesses the performance of the school district across areas like attendance, discipline, high school readiness, classroom instruction, and technology. Learn more about the SCEP at their website, and click here to read their report.

Meanwhile, meet the interns!

From Emma York:

Hello readers,

I am currently entering my sophomore year at New Bedford High School (NBHS) and have recently begun working as a summer intern at the Urban Initiative. I have always been intrigued by the intricate web of society and the ability of a small group of inspired and enthusiastic people to create a large, lasting impact that benefits their community. Therefore, I am excited to begin forming connections between daily life and data here at the initiative in order to better my understanding of the ways in which the world works and to create community based solutions to injustices and inefficiencies in the area. I hope to be able to share this exciting educational experience with you and to provide the perspective of an inquisitive student and insight into the discussions taking place in the greater urban community so that solutions can be created, proposed and implemented. I have always enjoyed activities such as debate, dance, and committees including the Student Committee for Educational Progress (SCEP) and the Bioneers Youth Council that engage both my logical, often overly organized, left brain and my spontaneous, artistic and empathetic right brain and I feel that this will be the perfect way in which to do so. The Urban Initiative is a place where ideas can converge and I cannot wait to begin to contribute to this thought provoking dialogue.

Happy reading!


From Adam Vieira:

Hello readers,

My name is Adam Vieira, and I am a recently hired summer intern for the Urban Initiative program. I am a rising-junior member of the New Bedford High School family, and I wear that distinction with the utmost pride. As elected Chairman of the NBHS Student Advisory Council and Student Representative on the New Bedford Public School Committee, I represent the veritable concerns of the city’s student body, regardless of how small or how sweeping. In addition, I am a founding member of the Student Committee for Educational Progress, which seeks the implementation of a genuinely conducive, engaging, and ultimately rewarding learning environment for each student that steps foot into a New Bedford Public School. With this passion and interest for education reform vested within me, I look forward to providing some insightful, thought-provoking commentary on various education issues, in addition to a myriad other topics that affect urban cities, such as socioeconomics, politics, the environment, and even culture. In conjunction with Urban Initiative, I strive to not only highlight and broadcast where urban centers currently are, but also where their gleaming potential may whisk them off to in the near future.

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